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colorcon 2023
returns TBD

1299 Delaware St. Denver, CO



CM8X3464 - Koco Collab.jpeg


Koco Collab is the coalescence of Aiko Szymczak & Corinne "Bee Bop" Trujillo. Our work is rooted in our various heritages and backgrounds. In our practice, we depict ethnically ambiguous, feminine portraiture with cross-cultural imagery. As we continue to paint and expand our concepts, we delve into conversations and projects surrounding mental health, land acknowledgement and introspection. We aim to create safe, public spaces in which the viewer can reflect and feel seen.



Danielle seewalker

Creator Danielle Seewalker is a Hunkpapa Lakota citizen of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and currently resides in Denver, Colorado. Storytelling is an integral part of her artwork and pays homage to her identity as an indigenous woman. Her passion to redirect the narrative to an accurate and insightful representation of contemporary Native American is center to her work and community involvement.



Sofi rami

Sofi Rami, short for Sofia Ramirez, is a Colombian American artist residing in Colorado. She has practiced studio art since 2015 and public art since 2019. Sofia has her BFA in digital art and design.


She creates graphic, colorful, dynamic, abstract work infused with representational elements. Her work is inspired by graffuturism, minimalism, op art, art nouveau, surrealism and nature.She hopes her work will leave viewers with a greater sense of curiosity and compassion.


Randy Segura (1).jpeg


Randy loves to create, and the passion for being an artist has run deep inside since he was a child. An Art Institute graduate in 1996 who stayed focused on freelancing for many years, ended up working as a contract sign installer all around Denver. He apprenticed with an old Brooklyn wall dog for five years who taught him how to paint large scale murals and signs. 


Randy really enjoys creating 3D chalk art and traveling, and in his spare time, he
loves to mountain bike, hike, and hang out with his family at their cabin.

Keitlin Ziesmer Mural.jpeg

Katie ziesmer & Jvh arts

This duo artist team lives and works in Lakewood, Colorado. They bring a cartoonish, light-hearted side to street art and evoke whimsy in their images. It is their debut year creating at COLORCON and we cannot wait to see what they will create in the alleyway.

JVH Arts Website 

Read more about Katie Ziesmer 

Zach Howard muralist.jpeg

zack howard (ESIC)

ESIC brings life and unique exploration into every mural. After growing up and attending art school in Colorado, he moved to California to hone his craft. His murals are almost works of sci fi, and we cannot wait to see what he creates for COLORCON.

Screen Shot 2022-10-03 at 1.39.19 PM.png

patrick maxcy

Patrick was born and raised in Florida, where the ocean became a source of inspiration for his artwork. Drawing from his personal experiences and the places he has traveled to, Patrick highlights nature and animals as a prominent force in the stories he tells in his paintings, drawings and murals. Through his work, he hopes to spark conversation on disappearing nature and the encroachment of the modern world with subjects and their surroundings depicted in a harmony and balance that they wouldn't normally interact with.


Screen Shot 2022-09-26 at 1.53.08 PM.png

cya the creator

Cya's creations are heavily influenced by her people's past, present and future. She likes to portray the strong beauty within her people as a protest. Her hope is when others see her work they first feel seen. Second, they feel inspired to have conversations of understanding.


Omar Chow.jpeg

omar chow

Chow believe public art has great potential to encourage neuroplasticity on a mass scale given the fact that hundreds, maybe even thousands of people will see it each day. His art/murals are designed to challenge the viewers perspective and hopefully cause neuroplasticity (the reorganization of neural networks in the brain) a ‘Re-Imagining’ of the internal landscape of the human mind, if you will.



COLORCON WAS created in 2019 by a group of golden triangle businesses to address the need for beauty and security in their alleyways, while also making fine art accessible to all. 

Every year, an alleyway in the golden triangle creative district is reimagined by  a group of hand-selected artists over the period of 24-hours.

each year, colorcon is made possible by the generosity of neighborhood businesses, residents, and fellow creators. 

join us, in recreating your alleyways.

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